Guidelines for Submission


We are looking for documented experiences of unexplained phenomena; especially involving unidentified aerial phenomena, humanoid encounters, cryptid sightings, and unexplained phenomena which do not seem to fit into any particular categories. We are especially interested in catalogs of encounters. If you work for an organization that collects data about paranormal or otherwise unexplained phenomena, we may be interested in collaboration. Please reach out via our Contact Page.


First, the data is reviewed by individuals, who read through it and verify its credibility. Once we have determined that the submission is legitimate, and appropriate for inclusion in the database, we will process it through Machine Learning systems which will analyze the data using natural language and symantic processors, in order to identify its keywords and associated metadata. Once the data is conformed to the format and schema necessary for the database, it will be added into a Submissions category, and made accessible on the site.


You have the right to choose whether your experience and accounts are made publically available through the HERA Project's Database Query Tool. Upon submission of your story (or stories), you will be asked to consent to allowing the data to be used in the database publically. All data is anonymous, there are never any names, or personally identifiable information associated with the experiences and accounts themselves. While locations can be included in the actual submission, they can be approximate, or can be left out for privacy reasons. The only information which will be made available publically if you consent to allowing it are as follows: The Description of events, location the event occurred, time and day that the event occurred, and the type of encounter associated with the event.

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If you have reviewed our Guidelines here and feel that you would like to contribute your own experience to our database project, please visit the Contribute page, and submit your experience for review.