About the Project

Welcome to the Humanoid Encounters Research & Analytics Project, HERA for short. Please have a look around, and enjoy your stay. This site aims to provide a user friendly resource for searching and querying an enormous database of Humanoid and Paranormal enounters generously provided by Albert Rosales, who has spent over three decades performing extensive research, and conducting witness interviews, cataloging and organizing those entries in a system which includes a variety of features of the encounters, such as a description of what the witness experienced, the time and place that it occurred, and the type of counter it was. Albert Rosales constructed a system for classifying these accounts in 9 different categories.

Mission of the HERA Project

Our mission is to create an accessible system for referencing, searching, and analyzing the vast amount of data provided to us; to gather more encounters from other reliable and established sources to add to the pool; and to perform our own analysis on the data in order to seek out patterns, and hopefully find ways to ask better questions about these phenomena. It is our opinion that creativity, and a willingness to be wrong about specific theories are hallmarks of the kind of attitude needed to approach this subject with any hope of objective discovery.

Accessibility, Readability, and Analysis

In order to properly study the data that we collect, it is important that this data is conveniently organized in such a way that it can be accessed quickly, searched through with detailed queries, and compared. Think of it like a search engine, but instead of searching the web, we are searching an isolated pool of data, eye witness accounts and encounters, submitted by people, detailing their experiences of the unknown. These experiences include UFOs, humanoids, lights, and much more.

Collection of New Data

We aim to grow our pool of data, to make more data available to researchers. The more experiences from validated sources we can assemble, the more data we will be able to use for analysis, which means we can hopefully find more accurate trends and patterns. We are specifically seeking out data from fellow database sources, such as private and public groups collecting eye witness accounts of the strange, especially UFOs, humanoids, odd lights, time anomalies, apparitions, cryptid creatures, and other phenomena that could be considered strange, mysterious, or supernatural. If you or someone you know is working on a project collecting this kind of information, please get in touch, as we would love to collaborate.

Understanding Patterns

As our pool of data grows, so too will our ability to draw parallels, discover patterns and trends, and more importantly, provide valuable insight as to what kinds of questions we should be asking, and what kinds of trends we are missing. There is an incredible amount of geographical data available online which we can use for comparison to the location data in our datasets, such as what kinds of geological features and attributes are most common among these areas (mineral deposits, proximity to large bodies of water, magnetic anomalies, etc.). There are a wide variety of historical events which we can compare to the time data for these experiences, as a result we can discover flaps (narrow periods of time where many similar phenomena are witnessed in close proximity), or learn whether these unexplained experiences may be related to various socio-political shifts, or other features of human history and culture. There are many more areas that will unfold as we begin to process and analyze this data.